H​.​B​.​A. (Single)

by Martin Boehme

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released December 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Martin Boehme Ames, Iowa

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Track Name: H.B.A.
Verse 1/
I feel like I've been away too long
about 5 months just came and gone
patiently pacing and wasting and waiting,
for something to say when they play this song
I've lost weight, malnourished but
I'll work for food, I'm a cerberus
I use to sleep on snowy seats
but the chairs are gone, so I took the bus
I surrendered then, would I do it again?
I never thought I'd end up losin' a friend
I thought about giving up music and then
these hallucinogens that lucifer sends
god damn I miss the days
green blood filled our veins
got Caratacus Cassius packed in the attic
and we'll never feel the same

I am a recovering human being
I am
I am a recovering human being
I am
I am a recovering human being
I am
I am a recovering human being
I am

Verse 2/
feeling depressed more than once in a while?
nah, I'm a jester, covered in smiles
upset and sarcastic, but don't ask 'cause
it ain't sarcasm it's fucking denial
now leave me alone while I wreck this beat
and have another piece of bread to eat
this nausea brings stress to me
now my head's spinning, I need meclizine
this flesh is weak, feeling caged
never free, still afraid
can't perform, fuck a show
stay at home, just in case
pray that it's just a phase
maybe I'm never safe
alienated, isolated
'til I can just escape


Verse 3/
seeing that night by a hospital bed
try to keep it out but it pops in again
I thought that I had gotten over it
but it'll never leave me alone, let's stop the pretend
got me hostage again, locked in a pen,
blocked are the windows
fighting these demons off with my hands
getting harder to win though
call me emotional
heart on my sleeve, not in my chest
honest and y'all can't accept it
no wonder it's hard to connect
starting to feel like I'm one of a kind
and less like part of a pair
not that I care
but I'm starting to fear, I'm already there


Verse 4/
to those in a struggle, I propose a toast
those who got something to lose and still go for broke
who have fallen and bounced back like the holy ghost
one thing can account for that man it's only hope
but life is a dream, call me comatose
success is a drug, watch me overdose
a message of love, not sent from above
just sent from a man, this the best that I can